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Oct 28 2018
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Cost: $100.00

The SARTECH I/CREWLEADER level of certification is the advanced level for SAR personnel. The level is recommended only for persons who function on SAR missions as field searchers and who may function as Crew Leader. It is highly encouraged and preferred that any candidate complete an Advanced Search and Rescue Course prior to testing.

This examination consists of both a written exam and a practical exam. The written exam includes one hundred and twenty (120) questions covering the candidate's knowledge of search and rescue. A passing grade is 70% or above. The candidate is also required to successfully complete a four station practical exam. Should the candidate not successfully complete the practical exam, only the stations that are failed need be repeated within one year of the original testing date.

The written exam includes questions from the following topics:

NIMS Incident Command System
Small Unit Leadership
Crew Safety
Crew leader SAR Ready Pack
Maps, Symbology, & Land Navigation
Search Techniques & Tactics
Hazardous Terrain Skills
Stress Management

The candidate's performance of SAR skills is evaluated at four practical exam stations involving:

Station #1: Crewleader SAR Ready Pack: Candidates demonstrate the ability to possess and pack the required SAR equipment and supplies efficiently.

Station #2: Hazardous Terrain Skills: Using the contents within the SAR Ready Pack candidates establish a belay system between two points.

Station #3: Patient Transport: Using the contents of their SAR Ready Pack and tracking sticks candidates construct an improvised a stretcher.

Station #4: Land Navigation: With the use of topographic maps and compass, candidates complete a course over terrain commonly encountered in the operations area in a specified time frame, not to exceed (2000) meters during night time.


Participants must currently be 14 years or older.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Registration period

Registration starts on 09/07/2018 and ends on 10/28/2018.


Centre Lifelink EMS, 125 Puddintown Rd, State College, PA 16801, USA
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