Tactical Medical Support Provider Course

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CCPSTI, 391 N Harrison Rd, Bellefonte, PA 16823, USA
Mar 25 2019
Mar 30 2019
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Additional services and fees

IBSC Tactical Paramedic Exam $275.00
IBSC Tactical Responder Exam $275.00

Class dates

03/25/2019, 03/26/2019, 03/27/2019, 03/28/2019, 03/29/2019, 03/30/2019


The Tactical Medical Support Provider Course(TEMS) is designed to take the paramedic or EMT and advance their knowledge and preparedness to allow them to safely engage in tactical team support and the treatment of both Law Enforcement, the public and assailants.

This course will teach the latest in TECC/TCCC techniques and doctrine, while also presenting the unique challenges the provider will face to effectively support Tactical Law Enforcement teams. This five day training program will prepare you to not only be a tactical provider, but also will help you become an effective member of any tactical team.

The course start time each day will be 0700 and begin with a moderate physical fitness program. Participants will be expected to jog, carry gear, wear tactical PPE, and perform tactical related physical tasks during this time. The rest of the day will either be lecture, hands on learning, or scenario based training. 

Day four of the program will be the long day. Break and ample rest will be provided. Students will not be released form the training site that day. This is the FTX portion of the course and will push the participant to the breaking point! 

Participants will also be afforded the opportunity to take the IBSC Tactical Paramedic or IBSC Tactical Responder Exam. That exam is tentatively scheduled for 30 March 2019. Cost of the exam is $275 per person wishing to take  the exam. It is highly encouraged that you do so! 

*This is a highly physically demanding course. You are expected to participate in all physical activities and scenarios.*


Participants must currently be 18 years or older.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 6

Maximum: 30

Registration period

Registration starts on 10/24/2018 and ends on 03/25/2019.


CCPSTI, 391 N Harrison Rd, Bellefonte, PA 16823, USA
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