Annual SAR Skill Evaluation

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Centre Lifelink EMS, 125 Puddintown Rd, State College, PA 16801, USA
May 29 2020
May 31 2020
SAR Skill Eval
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Class dates

05/29/2020, 05/30/2020, 05/31/2020


Date:             29-31 May 2020

Cost:             $50.00


A skill evaluation is essential to your succes as a team member and gound search and rescue team. However, the biggest challenge to it is providing an unbais oppinon and not testing yourself on the scenarios you set up for yourself! Third party testing is also required for FEMA resource typing!


We invite you to join us for the first annual Keystone SAR Skill Evaluation Weekend! This weekend is designed to meet and exceed FEMA, PEMA, and Local Agency annual competency requirements for ground search and rescue! FEMA has set the requirement that Search and Rescue personnel must obtain a annual skills competency completions certificate to be eligible for resource typing status. This must also be maintained and re-evaluated annually. 

You will be evaluated in the following areas: 

1. Work Capacity Exam - This is also a FEMA & PEMA resource typing requirements. 

2. Day / Night Navigation (With & without GPS)

3. Wilderness rescue and evacuation techniques

4. Wilderness First Aid Techniques

5. Route Search Capabilities

6. Area Search Capabilities

7. General SAR & ICS knowledge


Team Leader Competencies:  

1. Task Briefing ability 

2. ORM Planning ability 

3. Rehearsal conduct


Classes that will be conducted: 

1. Annual BBP Refresher

2. Annual Hazmat Awareness Refresher

3. Documentation Requirements for SAR


Upon successful completion of all evaluation stations the participants will be issued a skill evaluation completion certificate issued by Sergeant Rescue Training & Consulting that will be good for  one year from the date of issue. The participant will also receive an annual work capacity certificate. 


​Dinner Meet and Greet Event Friday Evening is included in the tuition! 

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Registration period

Registration starts on 10/13/2019 and ends on 05/29/2020.


Centre Lifelink EMS, 125 Puddintown Rd, State College, PA 16801, USA
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