Hybrid Fundamentals of SAR

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Jan 08 2020
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Additional services and fees

FUNSAR Text Book $60.00
Minimalist Kit $45.00
SRTC Wilderness Shirt (Moisture Wicking) $35.00

Class dates




Hybrid Fundamentals of Search & Rescue

Course Dates: 8 Jan 2020                 1700-2200 (Online)

                        24 Jan 2020               1700-2200 (Online)

                        6 Feb 2020                 1700-2200 (Online)

                        22 Feb 2020               1000-2200

                        23 Feb 2020               0800-1700


Cost: $150.00 per person 

(Text book not included. Lunch included on full course days)

The Fundamentals of Search and Rescue (FUNSAR) course is a 40 hour course and is the second, intermediate level of NASAR courses. It provides knowledge concerning the general responsibilities, skills, abilities, and the equipment needed by persons who are assigned to field operations during a SAR mission.

This first ever hybrid training program will allow you to learn in an interactive online enviroment. The online instructor led trainings will brin an immersive classroom to you. Allowing you to take less time away from home and only be required to travel for one weekend to complete the course! 
The FUNSAR course also provides the student with practical exercises in addition to a practice search mission where the students are required to have the proper equipment and stay out in the field during daylight and night time operations. The course content includes topics in three major areas: survival, support, search and rescue. This course is based around the rural and wilderness environments but the material is recommended as a basis for all SAR environments.
FUNSAR provides a common point in training for the new person to SAR and allows them to accumulate the required clothing and equipment needed for SAR operations in their community. The course also provides practical experience during simulated SAR operations and in many cases is an excellent refresher course for the more experienced SAR worker. This common starting point provides continuity during SAR operations and future training of all team members.
FUNSAR is the NASAR course designed to prepare the student to challenge the SARTECH II certification exam, according the knowledge objectives defined in the NASAR certification criteria for SARTECH II.
Who Should Attend:
- Those interested in becoming involved or have just become involved with search and rescue operations.
- SAR personnel who would like to maintain or refresh their knowledge of search and rescue.
- Emergency response personnel who belong to organizations who provide resources and assistance during search and rescue missions.
- Managers of emergency response organizations who want to understand the state of the art skills and knowledge needed by the SAR workers.
- Community members and groups (scouts, hunters, hikers, etc.) that have an interest in safety and preventative SAR operations.

The SARTECH II exam is an additional fee. Candidates wishing to test will upon successful completion of the course will be offered a discounted testing fee.


Participants must currently be 16 years or older.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 40

Registration period

Registration starts on 12/22/2019 and ends on 01/08/2020.


Centre Lifelink EMS, 125 Puddintown Rd, State College, PA 16801, USA
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