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State College, PA, USA
Aug 15 2020
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Welcome to the Sergeant Rescue Navigator Challenge Course! This challenge course is not for the faint of heart! In many aspects of outdoor life being able to navigate is an essential part or being able to enjoy the outdoors. For search and rescue volunteers and professionals it is a essential skill to keep up with. We welcome everyone to answer the call and take the challenge! The roots of this challenge course are derived from military rucking sprinkled with a little MEDwars and adventure racing feel.

Condition: Given a map, the compass & GPS that you bring, a partner or pair of partners, and a sense of adventure! You will be given eight separate points to plot and locate. This course will range from 10-15 miles depending on the route you choose to take to find each point. At each point you will be asked to complete a task of some kind. It may be a medical skill, some kind of bush craft skill, or other survival or search and rescue related skill. You must find and complete all eight stations in the time allotted!

There are no training or knowledge requirements to race. If you don't know something, you can learn just by taking part!

EMS & FAWM Credit will be available! 


To find and read all of the challenge information please head to  

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Additional services and fees

Adventure Medical Kit $150.00
SRTC Wilderness T-Shirt (Moisture Wicking) $35.00


Participants must currently be 15 years or older.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 60

Registration period

Registration starts on 04/22/2020 and ends on 08/15/2020.


State College, PA, USA
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