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Dec 30 2020
NCCP Refresher
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​​​​​​​Dates:          30 Dec 2020                  24 Feb 2021

                      13 Jan 2021                   10 Mar 2021

                      27 Jan 2021                  30-31 Jan 2021 - AMLS
                     10 Feb 2021                 
 27-28 Feb 2021 - PHTLS             
Cost:    $200.00 Whole Course

Please join us for our fifth annual NREMT / Pennsylvania Paramedic & EMT refresher. This course is a state approved NREMT Refresher course and will also include some very interesting and challenging hands-on educational sessions! We are now offering this as a hybrid learning course! Meaning the days you would normally travel for lecture will be done via online meeting!!!!!! This program meets and exceed NCCP Refresher requirements. 

Part of this course will include the NAEMT Advanced Medical Life Support course, the NAEMT Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support course, and a new Laser EKG and dissection lab!

Participants wanting to receive a NREMT Refresher certificate must attend the entire course! Refresher students wishing to receive either a AMLS or PHTLS certification will be charged and additional $55.00 per card to cover the certification & registration fees, as well as the site rental costs.

This refresher will include knowledge stretching lectures and challenging hands-on skill stations!

Participants from outside Pennsylvania: The course is an approved NREMT NCCP Paramedic Refresher. A certificate will be generated that should be uploaded as part of your supporting documentation for renewal. The same certificate should be submitted to your home state to receive the applicable 56 hours of continuing education via CONED by endorsement. 

* Those that can provide an AMLS course attendance verification within the last year need not attend the AMLS portion of this course. Those that can show PHTLS, ATLS, BTLS, or ITLS attendance within the last year do not need to attend the PHTLS portion of the course. *


Participants must currently be 18 years or older.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 40

Registration period

Registration starts on 10/30/2020 and ends on 12/30/2020.

Location online