Rapid Extraction Module Training Course

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Spring Mills, PA 16875, USA
May 23 2021
May 30 2021
REMS-T Course
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Rapid Extraction Module Training Course

23 - 30 May 2021

Wildland firefighting, Search & Rescue and wilderness medical operations are inherently dangerous as a profession. While safety is the primary concern
during all operations, unintended incidents do occur which result in injury or illness to firefighters and responders. Then also, some of our victims find themselves in precarious positions that require the field expertise and training to manage and execute a rescue operation.

It is the intent of the Rapid Extraction Module or "REMS" team to provide firefighters, responders, and victims, who are unable to egress under their own
power, a safe and secure transport to traditional medical transports,  while simultaneously receiving the appropriate
medical attention.
While REMS does not intend to replace ground or air transport, ideal conditions may not exist
due to a number of circumstances such as heavy smoke inversion, no roads, or equipment
malfunctions. REMS provides incident managers another option to reach incapacitated crew members and victims. Teams are fully equipped resources, prepared to package and transport injured or ill
personnel out of austere environments to the appropriate medical care unit. Traditional REMS Teams are made up of four individuals, but can be as small as two personnel depending on the incident. 

Each training day will review a different concept and then apply it to field training scenarios. 

Class includes:

- Low Angle Rescue Techniques

- High Angle Rescue Techniques

- Long Term Extrication Management

- Vehicle Access and Stabilization

- Helicopter Operational Considerations & Landing Zone Ops

- Austere Medical Care Considerations


For our wildland fire personnel we will be holding an annual RT-130 and Work Capacity Test (Pack Test) the day before the course. (22 May 2021) RT-130 / Pack Test will require an additional fee.


- Rope Rescue training

- SAR Certification or Wildland Fire Red Card

- EMR or higher medical certification

Class dates

05/23/2021, 05/24/2021, 05/25/2021, 05/26/2021, 05/27/2021, 05/28/2021, 05/29/2021, 05/30/2021

Additional services and fees

Harness Rental $55.00
RT-130 / Work Capacity Testing $100.00


Participants must currently be 18 years or older.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 24

Registration period

Registration starts on 03/12/2021 and ends on 05/19/2021.


Spring Mills, PA 16875, USA