Hybrid Wilderness Field Team Leader

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Krislund Camp & Conference Center, 189 Krislund Dr, Howard, PA 16841, USA
Dec 06 2023
Dec 08 2023
Wilderness Field Team Leader
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Hybrid Wilderness Field Team Leader Course

Course Dates: 
8 Nov 2023 (Online)
15 Nov 2023 (Online)
22 Nov 2023 (Online)

6-8 Dec 2023 (In-Person)


​Cost: $350.00 per person

Wilderness Field Team Leader Course is designed to educate the experienced field searcher in preparation for becoming a Field Team Leader. This course expands on the knowledge and skills taught in the intermediate level FUNSAR course and trains the individuals to effectively manage a team in the field. The course provides education expanded management concepts, crew tactics, crew and SAR dog tactics, crew safety skills, and individual  team stress management. The course focuses on the added responsibility of a Field Team Leader and how this relates to their crewmembers, search managers, and how their management influences the outcome of the search tasking. This 48 hour course will scratch the surface of managing search teams in the field

Who Should Attend:
Experienced search and rescue technicians that are looking to upgrade to the level of Field Team Leader.

1. SARTECH II certification.

2. Wilderness First Aid or higher.

Class dates

12/06/2023, 12/07/2023, 12/08/2023

Additional services and fees

On-Site Lodging (4 Nights) $220.00
Text Book $40.00
WFTL Exam $50.00

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 30

Registration period

Registration starts on 04/19/2023.

In-person location

Krislund Camp & Conference Center, 189 Krislund Dr, Howard, PA 16841, USA