Wilderness & Expedition Medicine Symposium: An Everest Adventure

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Nepal, Everest Base Camp Trekking Rte, 56000, Nepal
Apr 24 2023
May 10 2023
WEMS 2023
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Dates:     24 APRIL 2023 - 10 MAY 2022     (16 Seats Only)

Join us for the 4th annual Wilderness & Expedition Medicine Symposium!   

This trekking trip to the amazing Khumbu region of the majestic Himalaya Mountains will be a trip that you will never forget. You will visit the most spectacular and highest mountain on the planet. Travel along ancient trails that many famous climbers and trekkers have traveled. Visit amazing cultural towns and remote Sherpa villages, all while learning about expeditionary and mountain medicine.

Our trip will begin in Kathmandu where you will meet your guides, training staff, and Sherpa escorts. We will talk about the trail and the epic adventure you are about to undertake. The next morning we will then fly to Lukla and spend a day talking about the challenges of high altitude rescue and flight. We will even rack your brain with what happens to the body in flight and at altitude.

The next morning the challenge begins with a beautiful morning trek through the amazing village of Chaurikharka and we will begin to follow the Dudhkoshi River. Then 8 days later we reach the pinnacle of our trip, Everest Base Camp! We will spend two days trekking to and from Everest base camp and will be meeting with the Doctors that will be manning Everest ER in the 2022 climbing season. If you are lucky we will be at Base Camp to congratulate some of the climbers on their return from the summit of Everest!

There will be hours of hiking, some relaxing lectures, and some amazing views of Everest and it's surrounding mountain peaks. You will spend days acclimatizing while learning about the challenges of expeditionary medicine, and also get to explore places such as the Namche Bazaar, the Thyangboche Monastery, the Kumbu Climbing Center, The Wongchu Sherpa Memorial Hospital, and of course Everest Base-Camp. This symposium stands to be the highlight of your career and experiences in expeditionary medicine!

Be advised: The Wilderness & Expedition Medicine Trekking Symposium trek to Everest Base-Camp is strenuous and you should be in excellent physical condition. This trekking experience does not require that you have any previous trekking or mountaineering experience. All you need is the willingness to endure the stress and potential hardships of the trip and be a avid adventurer at heart!


See our page for all the details!: http://www.sergeantrescuetraining.com/everest-trek-2023.html

Class dates

04/24/2023, 04/25/2023, 04/26/2023, 04/27/2023, 04/28/2023, 04/29/2023, 04/30/2023, 05/01/2023, 05/02/2023, 05/03/2023, 05/04/2023, 05/05/2023, 05/06/2023, 05/07/2023, 05/08/2023, 05/09/2023, 05/10/2023

Additional services and fees

Down Parka Rental $50.00
Down Sleeping Bag Rental $50.00
EMT or Paramedic CME & FAWM (AWLS Cert) $500.00
Extra Hotel Night (2 Before & 2 After) $280.00
Physician, PA, RN CME & FAWM (AWLS Cert) $775.00
SRTC Adventure Medical Kit $250.00
SRTC Minimalist First Aid Kit $150.00


Participants must currently be 16 years or older.

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 10

Registration period

Registration starts on 12/25/2021.

In-person location

Nepal, Everest Base Camp Trekking Rte, 56000, Nepal
Registration closed.